Speediance Full-Body Workout Digital Intelligence Smart Home Gym


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Brand new product concept, buying one is equivalent to owning a mini gym, you can freely combine aerobics, weight training, stretching, dumbbells, barbells, rowing, posture adjustment, etc.

Speediance Integrated All In One Digital Workout Intelligent Training Multi Function Home Gym Fitness Equipment Training

1. Fast electronic weight adjustment (1-220 pounds)
2. Multiple exercise angles, more than 100 combinations
3. Dozens of preset exercise programs, and you can adjust the weight, number of sets and rest time for different parts.
4. Three new professional modes are added: chain, average speed and reaction force training
6. Artificial intelligence monitoring, when the training process is insufficient, the system will automatically lower the weight to ensure safety
7. The 21.5-inch screen provides dedicated teaching and real-time coaching videos to ensure accurate and effective movements
8. Free personalized account, record all exercise data, adjust training intensity
9. Only occupies 0.3 square meters when folded, which is equivalent to a seat


Unfold Size
length 1.25m*width 0.71m*height 1.85m
Fold Size
Length 0.35m*width 0.71m*height 1.85m
Unfold space coverage
About 0.9m² (0.8946m²)
Fold space coverage
About 0.3m² (0.284m²)
Product weight
About 85kg
Lcd Specs
21.5-inch 1080P HD touch screen

Resolution 1080*1920
Motor parameters
800W PMSM permanent magnet synchronous motor 2
Hi-Fi digital audio stereo 2*10w
14-bit high-resolution position sensor
16G Capacity; running memory 2G (larger capacity upgrade in there future)
Wifi 2.4G Bluetooth 5.0 wireless technology

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Comprehensive Fitness Exercise


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