Portable Smart Automatic Tennis Ball Machine


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Product Description
Product Name
Tennic Ball Machine Plus
Model Number
24 kg(52.91lb)
Rated Voltage
Ball Loading 
150 pcs
Serve Speed
20-140 km/h
Time Between Balls 
2-10 seconds
Battery Life
6-8 hours
1. Mobile APP remote control 

(ball speed, ball interval, angle, rotation, etc.)
8. Set different speeds, rotations and corresponding pitch angles to achieve unique deep and shallow high pressure ball functions
2. Battery automatic protection system
9. Spot kick
3. Pitch angle, horizontal angle can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the audience can be placed anywhere
10. Mobile APP data statistical analysis function; Free upgrade of mobile APP software
4. Spot kick
11. Flat shot
5. Anti-jam ball function
12. Topspin, backspin, high pressure
6. Horizontal swing random ball
13. Vertical Swing Random Ball
7. Random Penalty Drop
14. Battery automatic protection system
Function Plus
1. Five ball shooting modes, the program has 29 built-in ball shooting routes
2. Free switching between program mode and manual adjustment mode
3. Self-programming to define 1 to 20 fixed landing cycles, combined ball tactical training
Professional appearance design
Professional sports equipment designer design, beautiful and easy to carry
Portable external battery
The battery is external. When charging, you don’t need to take the teaser home, just take the battery pack.
Advanced dynamic balancing equipment
Professional dynamic balancing equipment, each serving wheel has undergone professional dynamic balance calibration to ensure that the serving wheel runs smoothly at high speed, low teeing noise, and accurate landing point
Serving Wheel
The service wheel after professional dynamic balance adjustment is stable and ultra-quiet when rotating at high speed, and the service point is more accurate.

High polymer wear-resistant material, the hardness is about 50, which is softer than the domestic and foreign counterparts’ teeing wheels, and the least hurts the ball. The hardness of other brands is about 70.

Voltage: DC12V Ball capacity: 150 Battery life: 6-8 hours Ball time: 2-10 seconds Serve speed: 20-140 km/h

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