Hearing Aid 2 in 1 Rechargeable with APP Control


Product Description

Product Name
New auxiliary listening bluetooth earbbuds
amplify the volume
QTY/CTN: 100pcs

  • Product performance description

1: environment adaptation function AEA 
2: adaptive howling suppresses AFC 
3: sudden abnormal sound suppression INR 4: adaptive directional microphone 
5: independent pure tone audiometry 
6: the best match 
7: noise reduction in low level segment 8:TWS Bluetooth 
9: talk clearly in both ears 
10: Bluetooth directly connected TV function

Details Images

Auxiliary Listening Bluetooth Wireless Headphones, Three Colors

How Hearing Aids Work:Introduce the sound of the surrounding environment to the ears and amplify the sound. Most hearing aids are
electronic, and all hearing aids are powered by conventional hearing aid batteries or rechargeable batteries.

The charging case can be fully charged within 1.5-2 hours and supports 3 charging cycles. Hearing aid mode battery life (including
charging stand) up to 40 hours can be used continuously for 8 hours

Bluetooth & App Control:Adopt the latest Bluetooth 5.2 technology, let you hear more clearly. This exclusive app has more
personalization options, you can adjust the volume and bass treble through the app. APP SOUNDWEAR is available for iOS and Android

Product Usage

    • Product usage introduction

When you open the charging compartment, it is in the hearing aid mode, which can be worn directly. The earphone has an automatic
fitting function, and can be connected to the mobile phone to listen to music.

  • Description of product use effect

Through the light-sensing technology, we have an independent cavity that is most suitable for collecting sound, and the sound is
collected into the earphones, and the sound is amplified through acoustic processing, and the 16-channel adjustment makes the
language closer to the human voice


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